Nsanda, What is your motivation in life?

Dear Mr Nsanda,
What is your motivation in life? What drives you? I understand that politics of the belly are a tantalising cause but do you have to make it so obvious that you would disown a friend just to please the powers that be as if their powers are infinite?
Sir, You claim you introduced GBM, a friend who you have decided to vilify publicly, to Kasama Central when you know in your heart that GBM is actually a family member of the Bemba Royal family. Do you honestly think being a chameleon friend to GBM will help you rise to the high ladders of leadership? Sir, we are watching you as we watched other more honourable men such as the new defence Minister MR Edgar Lungu who decided not to disrespect GBM because, even though they have differences, he understood the bonds of friendship.
Mr Nsanda, you should respect GBM for honouring President Sata enough by agreeing to disagree with him over the recognition of Henry Kanyanta Sosala as Chitimukulu Mwine Lubemba, an honour he exhibited through stepping down as Defence Minister. If GBM was not willing to adhere to the so called ”collective responsibility” that Sata expected of him, the most honourable thing for him to do was to resign, which he did. Should you not atleast respect that about him by shutting up? History should teach you that trying to impress Michael Sata is a fleeting wish that you enjoy ONLY in the very short term. The benefits are usually minimal and consequential. That is the very reason GBM has no time to respond to you, Menyani Zulu, Chanda Kabwe, Davies Mwila and even Miles Sampa’s  ”child’s play” rantings against him. I sincerely advise you honourable gentlemen to simply respect GBM’s stand.
Even when Mmembe’s The Post and yourself, characterise GBM as a boastful man, can Mmembe, Kabimba, or you Mr Nsanda compare yourselves to the benevolence GBM exhibits? Zambia would rather have politicians that may boast but live up to their boasting. GBM has saved lives. By definition,  GBM is not even boastful, he is candid about himself, so that people can see the difference between himself and politicians with empty promises that only give out hot air.  Infact he has no idea, and I never even told him, that he unkowingly, saved the life of a lady called Mirriam Mumbi who lives in Nakonde. GBM is a walking example of how a true leader should be. A man that realises that money is only a means to a cause. He has realised that his cause is to help the less fortunate. He has been doing that for decades, long before you discovered the art of deceitful friendships.  If you want to see what true boastfulness is, I will refer you to some texts that your government spokesman, Mr George Chella, sent to a poor journalist, informing him how he was better that him and could never be like him.
Some misguided former Priest (and I hope he is reading this) called Mwewa compared GBM to the rich fool in the bible who lived for himself and kept riches to himself.  I will compare that priest to the saduccees in the bible who always misquoted scripture and had a baffoonist IQ about interpreting the word of God. GBM gives his riches away, he shares it, not to indonesians or Russians, he shares it to his people, ZAMBIANS. When last did you hear of anyone outgiving GBM?
Mr Nsanda, I ask again. What motivates you? If your love for your country is what motivates you, then please seal your lips. Attempting to put a smile on your masters should be done without betraying your principles, you can learn a lot from your former friend.
Yours Sidique Geloo

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