Nsanda’s ‘rejected’ daughter sues admnistrators for share of estate

Former Road Development Agency’s board chairperson, late Willie Nsanda’s daughter Christine, has sued the administrator of his estate, Andrew Ng’andu, for an order of a full inventory of her late father’s estate and to be given a share of the said estate.
Ms Nsanda has also sued Eustace Kankombe and Andrew Kachibe, who are administrators of the estate of her late father.
According to a statement of claim filed in the High Court by Ms Nsanda, through her mother, Ingrid Stratman, she contends that she was born during the subsistence of the marriage between Ms Stratman and Mr Nsanda.
She contends that although Mr Nsanda had doubted being her biological father, a DNA profile proved that she was indeed his daughter, and that despite his doubts, he continued to support her.
Ms Nsanda claims that after the demise of her father, the estate continued to support her until her grandfather, Willie Nsanda senior, ordered that maintenance be stopped on ground that she was not Mr Nsanda’s biological daughter.
She further contends that the estate is only supporting her sister Elizabeth, and charges that due to lack of funds, she has stopped attending school at Namununga where she is in grade eight.
Ms Nsanda argues that her late father’s estate includes several real estate, business undertakings, bank accounts, funds from debtors and chattels, which she alleges are being mismanaged.
She wants the court to order that she be allocated or given her share of the estate in line with the Intestate Succession Act. Further she wants the administrators to pay her school fees, medical and other incidentals for her upbringing and well-being.
Ms Nsanda also wants the court to grant her damages for mental anguish. In addition, she is demanding the appointment of new administrators and the preservation of the chattels and land properties.
She wants to be reimbursed the money spent on school, food, medical and other incidentals due to neglect or refusal by the estate administrators to support her.

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