Ntewewe, Mwanza say Lungu is funding YALI, MISA

Ntewewe, Mwanza say Lungu is funding YALI, MISA


In this recording, disgraced Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) President Andrew Ntewewe says president Edgar Lungu is funding their activities. Ntewewe is telling his fellow conspirators that President Lungu has just approved more funding for them.

Ntewewe Says however that President Lungu is disappointed that they (YALI, SACCORD, MISA Zambia and Common Ground Zambia) are not effectively defending PF and promoting Bill 10

Ntewewe says President Lungu is disappointed that these NGOs are instead fronting Chiefs who they are giving small change from the money they have been paid.

Both YALI and SACCORD are being investigated for stealing donor funds during the 2016 elections.

The case against the leaders of these NGOs is pending on police file.

EDITOR’S NOTE: YALI now has full access to State House through the new political Advisor, Chris Zumani who was part of the Civil Society Coalition they had created to champion Bill 10 during the infamous National Dialogue Forum (NDF). Ntewewe has been using the desperate and gullible Hyde Haguta who they promised they would give a job.

When picking money from State House only Issacc Mwanza and Ntewewe go.

Haguta and the deranged Borniface Cheembe are just given cramps.

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