Nudity won’t win PF votes- Chanda

Orange Alliance Secretary General Eric Chanda has charged that the use of half naked girls to campaign for the outgoing PF government will not win them votes from the Zambian people.
Chanda said it is shameful that people who are supposed to be fathers are now encouraging young women to walk around naked.
“The PF is getting too desperate to win elections and that is why they are willing to go to any length just to secure their position as the party in power, it is immoral for leaders who are supposed to be imparting morals in our young generation to be the ones to encourage immorality among the youths”, said Chanda.
Chanda added that parading naked young women is another form of gender based violence which should not be allowed.
He pointed out that the Zambian people know what they want and a pair of legs will not change their minds.
Chanda said the ruling party is corrupting the minds of young people instead of inculcating good morals and responsibility in the youths.
The PF top leadership sees nothing wrong in parading half naked girls in their campaigns no wander their militias are now undressing opposition women.
Meanwhile Rainbow party Deputy General Secretary Cosmas Musumali has charged that the PF is trying to win the August elections through violence.
Musumali says that the continued violence in the political arena may escalate to worse situations because the police have no control over PF cadres who are perpetrating it.
“If we look at the violence in Bweengwa it was strongly condemned because it involved some alleged opposition members but no one talks about all this violence we see on a daily basis and it is because the perpetrators are from the ruling party”, he said.

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