Numerous ministers and their tax free fuel allowances

Editor Please ZWD,

Tell the nation to put things in perspective in terms of cost implications. There are 32 Deputy Ministers and 10 Provincial Ministers in the PF Administration. Each one gets K5000.00 cash as fuel allowance. Yes, this money is paid in cash, tax free. In total there are 42 Deputy Ministers = K210,000 per month. This is just for Deputy Ministers to use in their personal vehicles. GRZ pays fuel for them on the official GRZ vehicles. Every time there is an adjustment in fuel prices, the allowance is adjusted accordingly -/+ as the need may be. Before the fuel reduction, the allowance was ZMK16pin! Meanwhile they want to 10% from rent allowance, the mines pay 9%! The Unions as you go for negotiations, bear these facts in mind. ZRA why allow politicians not to pay tax on their allowances!

concerned citizen

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