Nurses, arise and fight for your colleagues

Editor hid my ID because we have a brutal government.

I do not usually support confrontation but in the face or an intransigent and vindictive regime, confrontation remains the solution. This is what is at play regarding the firing of nurses. It has been acknowledged that mistakes were made by both government on one hand and the nurses/union on the other leading to this problem. Therefore, the normal thing would be give and take, reinstating all the nurses unconditionally.
But the PF government is not ready for give-and-take. Methodically they have begun a process of divide-and-conquer isolating nurses in pockets and handing them dismissal letters. Unfortunately one of their union leaders has supported this move! Therefore, nurses have one option: CALL FOR A COUNTRYWIDE STRIKE until government reinstates your colleagues. Remember the fired colleagues were fighting for all of you.
If you allow this situation, you will have yourselves to blame. A number of nurses are now too intimidated to even talk about good conditions of service. This is good for the government but bad for trade unionism. Don’t say you were not warned.

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