‘Nurses at UTH are trained like commandos’

Kindly investigate the oppression of students at Lusaka school of nursing, UTH. As a former student of that school, i would like to inform the nation through your celebrated online publication that the general nursing school trains nurses in a very harsh and militant manner. How then should we expect people who are trained like commandos to care for the sick in a humane manner.
There’s gross intimidation of students as everyone is cowed into doggy submission -a propensity which is perpetuated by the Principle tutor; Mrs Mukonka who has truly and surely elevated herself as master in cowing students. This goes from pure bullying, unwarranted harassment and unceasing intimidation.
Sir/madam; every now and then students have tried to voice out their concern and every one of such attempts have been met with force threats of expulsion or failing of the vocal students. There, students are taught to be assertive but whoever tries to be assertive is threatened. It is no-wonder dear editor, nurses are poor with communication to the public because the system does not permit what it teaches.
Members of the public have been met with harsh responses from nurses and people don-not know who to blame? It is the school and the principle tutor in particular.
Today, students are forced to pay about K250, 000 for uniforms they can easily buy at less than K100, 000. The question begging answers is who benefits from this uniform scandal? It has been suggested that students be allowed to buy their own uniform but this progressive suggestion has been met with the usual threats and harassment. The administration has somehow managed to cut students’ allowances to zero, and any questions raised to this effect are violently and aggressively suppressed. To what program have the students’ allowances been diverted? Had it been at UNZA or CBU or Evelyn Hone where freedom of expression is real protests would have been heard. It seems this administration at General School of nursing hides it’s mismanagement in threatening students.
Students pay for recreation but their money is barely used for the same. She can’t release funds for students to buy balls, jerseys and other recreation requirements. The pool table in the students’ lodge has run down and those tutors who were there when it was acquired seem not to care. Fridges and cookers in the utility room have turned into scrap metal and and the principle tutor has never even been to see them so that they are maintained.Security at in the hostels has been compromised; students continue to lose their variables including laptops and yet nothing seems to be done. Hostels have been flooded with tenants, nobody knows if this is government’s policy of fundraising for the school.
I would like to call on ACC to investigate the school because for example, the current intake of students who started training in January are allegedly supposed to be on a 100% sponsorship by the donors but they were made to pay like any other students; and may the General Nursing Council of Zambia please come to the aid of student! Nursing training needs urgent revision and this must start with the Lusaka School of Nursing.
I rest my case, please withhold my name.

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