Nurses disapointed again this monthend

Dear editor,
I went to ZANACO  Kasama with so much excitement and anticipation because the PF government had promised us nurses that it would look into the concerns we had raised during the strike action but was shocked after spending over 2 hours in the queue to find that the promise government made to look into our plight this month end has become another 90 days lie(BUFI).

There has been no increase in our salaries from the previous k300 increment even the 4% rectification of the basic pay has not been tackled it is another bufi most of us are still getting the K6 increment.

I was so annoyed that I sat at the lawn of the bank to gather my thoughts, bushe kwena why should government keep on lying to us?

To start with the strike started not because we wanted a bigger increment but because the CDES were given an increment which put them almost at par with those with certificates, diplomas and degrees.

As professionals we felt dejected, why should the PF reduce our education to such mediocre levels?

Most of these cdes are illiterate with no educational backgrounds at all but got these jobs
through their various relatives serving in higher positions i.e doctors, nursing officers, administrators, EDs etc.

As nurses we feel cheated by what has just occurred and are already planning another strike action bigger than the 1st.

Zambians please don’t blame us for what is about to start happening now because we are tired of all the insults coming from these cdes.
Yours concerned nurse

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