Nurses refuse to attend to baby who has no ‘book’

Nurses refuse to attend to baby who has no ‘book’

In this video, nurses at chipata prison clinic refuse to attend to a sick baby around midnight because the parents didn’t have a book.

But nurse organisation says the man had no sick child but was just a drunk harassing nurses, a vagrant who strayed into a health facility to harass nurses using smart phone. Waoh.

We are sure the wife heard complaining in the background was drunk too.

See statement by Zuno

By Stanley Mudenda -Western Province PEC Vice Chairperson

We need to stop this habit of vagrants straying into health facilities with rabid intentions of embarrassing and humiliting health workers. Filming health workers is illegal, however wrong one thinks they are.

This conduct is not only immature, but grossly insane.

Health workers too have rights which must be respected. We can no longer continue watching every tombililo with a smart phone filming health workers and sensationalizing the one sided monotony on social media.

If a health professional is wrong, there are sufficient platforms a concerned person can seek redress from -social media is not one of them.

We are therefore requesting the colleagues at Chipata branch, and indeed the Provincial Executive Committee of ZUNO to follow up this issue and ensure that this matter is reported to police.

Health workers too are humans. If one is taunted beyond human endurance, they too can react.

We wish to applaud the nurse in the video for walking away from this clear case of harassment by an obvious drunken master wanting to make a name for himself.

We encourage members of the public to report cases of unprofessional conduct of health workers to the immediate supervisors instead of resorting to colonial madness.

Further, we call on all health professionals to remain vigilant and treat drunkards with care as most of them are frustrated losers with no business in life.


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    Patriot 2 weeks ago

    This is report is biased its clear this man was denied help and everyone would react in a similar way especially when it involves a vulnerable infant and I really don’t sense anyone being drunk.ZUNO you can do better.This the 21st century there nothing hidden under then sun.

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    Anold Simumba 2 weeks ago

    Everyone these days want to make a good name for themselves, midstream they end up making themselves fools for everyone to see… Zambians if you see a fellow human being why not talk to them politely after all we are human beings who uses blood and water to mantain mobility. Therefore. We are bound to make a mistake at some point or the other.. If you the photographer/cameraman hasnt in your entire life made a single mistake be the first one to cast the first stone, idiot iwe. Ba ZUNO protect your Nurses please, do the right thing.

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    ONE MUNYENGE 2 weeks ago

    in this 21st century everyone is a journalist, as long as one has a recording and filming device then they have the right to film the injustices been done by people who are suppose to provide a service so that the rest of the world can see and judge for them selves. Nothing should be hidden under the sun

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    James bond 007 2 weeks ago

    Let the investigations tell the truth.
    It seems the nurse is guilty coz you could hear the lady from the background complaining.