Nurses’ solidarity protest coming: Kabwe DC, booed for ‘thanking nurses’

Nurses at Kabwe General Hospital have described the Christmas visit by Kabwe district commissioner Patrick Chishala as rhetoric and cheap politicking aimed at laundering ailing dictator Michael Sata’s ill decision to fire nurses who went on strike to demand for improved conditions and better wages.
Upon learning that Kabwe nurses were planning a solidarity protest to press for the reinstatement of their colleagues, Chishala yesterday visited the hospital to thank the nurses for not having joined in the strike but his address was punctuated by heckles and jeering from the nurses who have demanded for the reinstatement of their dismissed colleagues.
In spite of the deteriorating service leading to many deaths at the country’s highest health institution, the University teaching Hospital (UTH) where hospital cleaners are performing nurses’ duties, government has refused to reinstate the dismissed nurses.
“I want to thank you for not having joined in the illegal strike which was carried out by some of your friends in Lusaka. This is why there is no one charged here in Kabwe,” said Chishala but the nurses said an injury to their colleagues meant an injury to all of them.
They told the Zambian watchdog that their not participating in the strike should not be misconstrued as satisfaction with the bad conditions they are subjected to. They also confirmed the pending country wide solidarity strike if government remains adamant.
“We find the DC’s speech to be cheap rhetoric and political gimmick aimed at justifying the PF government’s decision to unfairly dismiss our colleagues, an injury onto a nurse in Lusaka is an injury to any nurse elsewhere and we are just giving the government time otherwise we will all join if they don’t reinstate our colleagues,” said a nurse who sought anonymity for fear of victimization.

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