Nurses strike action spreads to other institutions, ministers not ready to meet them

The strike action by nurses and other medical personal has spread to the other  institutions in the country as government ministers insist they will never meet striking workers for discussions.

Medical personal at University Teaching Hospital (UTH) who are demanding their promised 100 percent salary increments have now been joined by colleagues at Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital following government’s failure to meet their demands.

Already nurses and other medical personal at Livingstone general hospital and various towns in Zambia have been on strike for close to one week now, paralysing the country’s health sector while the PF ministers have refused to meet them.

President Micheal Sata and his ministers have given themselves close to 30 percent salary increments this year. Last year they increased their salaries by more than 50 per cent plus other huge allowances.

But the PF government has only offered health personal 4 percent salary increment despite promising them 100 percent. The 4 per cent will be in place for two years as government has imposed a wage freeze, despite the high cost of living and crumbling kwacha rate.

The nurses at the University Teaching Hospital have continued their strike action despite Health Minister Joseph Kasonde ordering them to go back for work.

The bankrupt PF government that might be forced to print money has exhausted all the money on induced by-elections and running a large government of Sata’s relatives with his wife.

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