Nyimba to run out water in 3 weeks but PF govt doesn’t care

The Eastern province town of Nyimba will soon experience an acute shortage of clean, drinking water as its only source,the Chikuyu Dam is reportedly only remaining with three weeks of stock while efforts to get government attention have proven futile since January.

According to Eastern Water and sewerage company (EWSC) Managing Director Wamuwi Changani, the company is left with no choice but start rationing the commodity from the initial 8 hour daily supply to 2 hours of supply.

Changani said he informed the government of the Nyimba predicament in January this year while Former Local Government and Housing Minister Nkandu Luo had promised to address the matter urgently but was replaced immediately afterwards without resolving the problem.

He revealed that he has always received promisory notes on the issue from the government but was quick to add that his company will take a proactive stance instead of being reactive and resort to the rationing of the commodity.

He added that his technical team is on August 28th 2012 travel to Nyimba for meetings with stakeholders before embarking on the rationing program on wednesday as a way of mitigating the effects which he said are as a result of climatic change.

Changani said his company needs at least K5 billion to drill boreholes as alternative sources of water for the residents but was further quick to add that the exercise is expected to be difficult as the district lacks enough ground water.

He has since appealed to Nyimba residents to bear with his company’s drastic move as it is meant to ensure longevity in the supply chain.

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