Nyirenda cautions Lungu against sidelining people who suffered for PF under MMD

Nyirenda cautions Lungu against sidelining people who suffered for PF under MMD



President Edgar Lungu has warned that he is opening his exit door wider if he continues sidelining founder, genuine members of the ruling PF in his government in order to embrace corrupt MMD officials.

Lungu has being advised  that he cannot talk about working with new PF members when he is not working with already existing party members.

The Operation Young Vote (OYV) has urged President Lungu to also realize that it is the old PF members that can easily get him out of power if he continues to sideline them.

Executive Director Guess Nyirenda says his organization is of the view that President Lungu should be mindful that new PF members are most likely to be interested more in eating than in seeing the PF remain in power.

Mr. Nyirenda has told Qfm News in an interview that this means that President Lungu should desist from frustrating old members of his party by sidelining them.

He has counseled President Lungu, who is also the ruling PF president, to take the resignation of Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa, from government, as an eye opener of what sort of frustration old party members are getting from his inclination towards working with new party members.

Guess Nyirenda

Mr. Nyirenda believes that there is nothing that can make a youthful person like Mr. Sampa to forego his position as Deputy Minister other than the frustration that is being created in the ruling PF.

He thinks that it wrong for President Lungu to think that old members of the party are not hate by his decision to embrace new party members.

Mr. Nyirenda has advised President Lungu to work at ensuring that the reconciliation that was said to have taken place in the ruling PF begin to manifest in the party.

He states that President Lungu should start by bring closer all old members that currently feel alienated from the party.

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