Oasis Forum asks Lungu to withdraw Bill 10 from parliament

Oasis Forum asks Lungu to withdraw Bill 10 from parliament

Oasis Forum asks President Edgar Lungu to Withdraw the acrimonious Bill 10 from parliament.


Both MPs in Kabwe deserve the title of failures.

By Don Mwenda.

Today the bill goes for it’s second reading and it seems our two MPs are very much resolved in voting for this ugly and retrogressive Bill. Clearly they are not serving in the best interest of us the voter’s but in the interest of their tummies and families.

Kabwe residents from both constituencies wrote and appended their signature’s urging the two to vote against Bill 10,but it’s clear nibamwishebwa.

Already members of the public in Kabwe are saying that a certain Mp has been advocating for this Bill as a way to fight his long time rival a Young Prince Chileshe the Kabwe Mayor and after hearing this I am made to believe so pantu takwaba so.

It is my wish that the energy and resources pumped in the advocacy of this Bill if it was the exact situation in the lobbying for funds, Kabwe would have developed.

The road in this picture is right in the CBD of Kabwe moreover this is the great north road (Lsk-ndola road) which has serious and dangerous potholes, now imagine the reality people are exposed to in their various localities.
P1 can also address the bad roads in Kabwe using this pic with ideas from the caption above.

Imagine the state of the following roads.

1-Mpima-Mukonchi Road
2-Railways,Chowa-Katondo roads
3-Dallas-Kaputula road
4-Ngungu-Bwacha Road
5-Kawama-Bwacha road.

Mwentungulushi stop playing with people’s intelligence. Soon we shall launch a protest against paying of certain charges because we are not seeing any results.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea if motorists opened up an account where they will be depositing money for road tax so that when good sum is raised key roads will be identified and worked on by motorists themselves.

Bukeni mwentungulushi, honestly don’t you feel bad that you have nothing to point at from the time you occupied those two offices?

Insoni ebuntu.



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