Oasis Forum finalizing draft of the private members’ bill

The Oasis Forum says they are finalizing the draft private members’ bill which will be presented to parliament seeking to protect the content of the draft constitution.

Oasis Forum Spokesperson who is also Zambia Episcopal Conference General Secretary Father Cleophas Lungu says the private members bill is still an option for the forum.

Father Lungu explains to Qfm news that the Oasis Forum has made tremendous progress in discussing real issues affecting the constitution making process.

Father Lungu says should government reject the private members’ bill, it will give a clear picture and understanding of what kind of leaders are governing the country.

He states that in as much as the Oasis Forum is trying its level best to bring to attention of government how the constitution making process should be handled in a more mature and serious manner, there is need for the authorities to have a listening ear.

Father Lungu has since appealed to all Zambian to support the Oasis Forum’s noble initiative.

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