Oasis forum says PF will pay in 2016

The Oasis Forum says the Patriotic Front will pay a very high price in 2016 if they do not give the Zambians a people driven constitution.

And Council of Churches in Zambia General Secretary Reverend Suzanne Matale has maintained that it will be difficult to celebrate the Golden jubilee this year amidst high poverty levels in the country.

Featuring on Muvi Television’s The Assignment programme Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection Father Leonard Chiti said if the PF insisted on their new found approach of ignoring advocates for a people driven constitution then the people will also ignore them in 2016.

“If the PF does not listen to the people, they should not be surprised in 2016 if they are ignored by the Zambian people,” Fr Chiti said.

“Zambian people are more alert now and they have been following the constitution making process keenly. I hope the PF know that voice of the people is the voice of God and if they ignore the voice of the people, God will be very angry.”

Fr Chiti also said the assertion that the former ruling party MMD should be left out of the constitution debate since they failed to give Zambians a new constitution. He said PF should also borrow from the MMD’s acknowledging that they were punished for not listening to the people.

“My understanding is that they are coming on board as citizens if you have heard them speak. And some of them have come out and admitted that they lost power because they did not listen to the people so the PF should not be surprised in 2016 if they lose power,” he said.

On the perceived ganging up with opposition leaders he said: “If you woke up one day in the morning and looked outside and said it is a good and bright day and the politicians woke up saying the same thing are you siding with them?”

And Matale said while they acknowledged the 50 years of independence landmark, the ideal situation was to see poverty reduced significantly.

She said the freedom fighters whose efforts everyone was celebrating lived in abject poverty.

On the constitution, Matale said it appeared the PF was not listening to anyone including the church after getting several reminders including from the Catholic Bishops.

“It seems the PF is no longer listening to the church, you saw the Catholic Bishops gave their pastoral letter which was ignored and the CCZ also issued a statement but were ignored which is a tragedy for this country,” she said.

Matale said the Zambians should not give up on the constitution.

The Non Governmental Coordinating Council has put through a four series paid for programme on the constitution as part of the strategy to help the Oasis Forum’s drive for a people driven constitution.

President Michael Sata has drawn the wrath of the civil society and general citizenry for reneging on the constitution making process which was one of his key campaign promises.

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