God is showing us that we have been making wrong choices – says Dr Banda

God is showing us that we have been making wrong choices – says Dr Banda

UPND vice-president for politics Canisius Banda says the current suffering in Zambia maybe God’s way of telling Zambians that they have been choosing wrong leaders.

The UPND leader  has also called on Zambians to realize that  power to  govern is still their possession.

UPND is urging people in the country to begin to have faith in themselves as they are masters of whom ever they elect to govern them.

UPND Vice president for politics Canisius Banda explains that this means people ought to learn to vote for leaders they trust will listen to them.

Dr Banda

Dr Banda

Dr. Banda said he was certain that the poverty that Zambians face today will cease to be if they began to be obedient to God. Dr. Banda has counselled people in the country to desist from electing leaders that tell lies and have no vision.

Dr. Banda believes that being obedient to God is what enables people in the world to survive and prosper.

He advised that next time there will be an election in Zambia people should therefore choose better as he also believes that what people are going through today is God’s way of showing them they have been making wrong choices.

The UPND vice president for politics said a good leader is better known by his or her track record.

Hereferred to his party President Hakainde Hichilema as one such a leader that has a track record people should consider next time they go for general elections.

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