Obeying Davies Mwila, PF cadres seize Kapiri Mposhi bus station

Obeying Davies Mwila, PF cadres seize Kapiri Mposhi bus station

kapiri-bus-stationFollowing PF Secretary General Davies Mwila’s directive to PF cadres to take over bus stations, Kapiri Mposhi bus station has completely been seized by the cadres who have dislodged council officers and are charging high levies to bus operators.

Bus drivers association of Zambia Kapiri branch chairman Ackim Nkomo confirmed the development and said that the cadres were charging exorbitant levies. Nkomo asked for police intervention because efforts to have the matter resolved by reporting the ruthless cadres to the council have yielded nothing.

According to Nkomo, for every 30 sitter Rosa bus and Hiace bus going out of town and loading from the station they are asking for K200 and K150 respectively while asking for a flat K100 for every transit bus that passes through the station and picks a passenger.

The drivers have complained that the trend is impacting so negatively on their cashing demands by their employers and to meet these demands they are forced to drive at excessive speed which could be dangerous to the life of the passengers.

Last month PF Secretary General Davies Mwila, while addressing PF cadres in Kabwe, directed them to kick out opposition parties and take over the running of bus stations and markets because they belong to the ruling party. Mwila said Lusaka had cadres had already taken over the facilities and wondered what the rest were waiting for. His directives were confirmed by Lusaka Mayor Wilson Kalumba, who disclosed during a Sunday Interview TV programme that Pf cadres were free to form branches in bus stations.

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