Obscene circulation case trial begins

THE TRIAL of Post news editor Chansa Kabwela in the case in which she is charged with circulating obscene matter tending to corrupt public morals has today started in the Lusaka magistrate court.

And media practioners belonging to different media bodies, artists, members of the civil society and cadres from the pf-upnd pact led by patriotic front vice president Guy Scot and other senior pf officials, with placards bearing various messages, this morning turned up at the Lusaka magistrate complex to show solidarity to the post news editor.
The case up for commencement of trial before Lusaka chief magistrate Charles Kafunda, with the state calling senior private secretary to the vice president Kenneth Ngosa as its first witness.
Mr Ngosa narrated to the court how he received the letter with photos of the women in labour which he handed over to vice president George Kunda.
He told the court that he was at first hesitant to hand the pictures to the vice president because of their nature.
Mr Ngosa told the court that vice president George Kunda was very annoyed upon seeing the two pictures of the woman in labour.
Particulars of the offence are that Kabwela, between June 1 and 10, 2009 in Lusaka did circulate two obscene photographs tending to corrupt public morals.
Kabwela denies the charge.
Lusaka deputy division prosecutor, Anderson Simbuliani, is representing the state in the matter while Kabwela’s defence counsels include Remmy Mainza, George Chisanga, Chileshe Kaoma and Sam Mujuda.

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