Of Indeco By Dora Siliya

It’s illogical for some people to be nolstagic about communist policies such as Commandist economy. Clearly next step would be abolition of opposition parties, private media and controlled judiciary and parliament.History has demonstrated the failures of this political economic model.So who in Zambia is bent on taking backwards?Is the PF elected on principle of a government of the people for the people by the people?God forbid….. or is it an agenda of a few believing they have power. Just a reminder that power lies with the people.It always has….. no matter how often leaders try to usurp it. It goes back to the people. I also just believe that people naturally like to own things and only share when they have extra… we surely can’t share poverty. In simple economics individuals and households must produce enough for consumption and exchange. In an unfair world it is hoped capitalism is mitigated by governments looking out for the vulnerable in society. It is assumed that when there is surplus government will redistribute through infrastructure… cash transfer to poor and old.. low taxes etc.But it is expected that this system will thrive with adequate efficient government with clear targets.Individuals lead in innovation and creativity.
Respect for private assets.. concrete contract law and rule of law and political stability are keys to wealth creation..that is less government.

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