Of MC Wabwino, Hamukale, Miko Zulu, Ngosa and others


I feel duty bound to air this to you because my conscious is not free.
You see its about this Zambia Association of musicians(ZAM )money which ZAM received from Constitution Review fimo fimo(CRC) from GRZ. My Boss is investigating the case at Lusaka Central police and i have followed it quietly with interest because i saw some people being unfairly accused. I got my boss’s file of dockets and i gathered the following. Even us as police officers are humans and i am actually a christian believer and so sometimes to see an innocent person being victimized its like i am no longer a beleiver just standing and watching injustice.
Brian Chilala, Nasty D, Edify Hamukale and Callen Chisha (Twice) attended the workshop at CRC. Twice is the one who was paying money and three of the four above received about K 8m.( except Edify Hamukale who refused the money and the whole arrangement). Mc Wabwino is the ZAM treasurer and was enticed into signing by twice. The other person who was paid was Moses sakala but it was legitimate.
Facts are that the key offender is Twice it seems. Moses Sakala, Edify Hamukale and MC Wabwino have no case to answer and are now State witness.
What really bothered my conscious and the human person in me is how the above three have been dafamed and had their names thrown into mud. Chilemoneka mwaliba ulupato mu ZAM yabo iyi elo bamo balatina abano.
Just confidentially, i can tell you that BJ Ngosa is the one who posted the story implicating Brian Chilala and Edify Hamukale on Zambian Watchdog, natukwata State intelligence information ama facts. Elyo chimbi, Michael Zulu fears Edify Hamukale and is determined to bring him down from his position as ZAMCOPS board chairman. So in short, Zulu (ZAM leader) and BJ Ngosa (his vice) have so much phobia and fear about the credibility and public standing of MC Wabwino and Edify Hamukale.
On Monday Michael Zulu went to Hot FM and QFM to announce the suspension of the four who attended the CRC workshop. But one wonders, Did Hamukale deserve a suspension and the media defamation when all the ZAM members know that he did not receive any money? Did MC Wabwino, a serving Civil servant, deserve to be thrown into disrepute to this magnitude? Even in times of Zambia news paper, the poor guys were being mentioned.
Ukulanda fye ifishinka, Michael Zulu taba bwino ulupato ku banankwe lwachila mo abashakwata ne milandu.
If you can protect my identity (otherwise i will be fired or heavily discplined), i will give you priviledged information which you can use to help these poor innocent souls (MC Wabwino and Edify Hamukale).
1. GRZ is in the process of forming an Arts Commission and the Two guys (MC and Edf) seem to be favourites to sit on the commission
2. Early 2013, ZAM goes to elections and it seems Michael Zulu is trying to eliminate competition by destroying the names of the two learned friends. It seems he wants BJ Ngoza if he loses
3. Edify Hamukale has been tough on music piracy and some people are not happy. MC wabwino has also been very honest at ZAM and so the two seem to be misfits in music circles
The above are the likely drivers to Zulu’s behavior.
If you promise me not to divulge my identity: please TACTFULLY, AND I MEAN TACTFULLY, phone Michael Zulu, Twice, BJ Ngosa and the investigating officer the following direct questions:
1. Did Edify Hamukale and MC Wabwino receive any money from ZAM after CRC workshop? Broadcast his reponse on your station.
2. Why did you suspend Edify Hamukale and yet you (Mr Zulu) know very well that he did not receive any money from ZAM?
3. Are you gooing to apologize now that the facts are known?
I think my boss next week will be working on the case. Its just that i cant watch innocent people being bothered for nothing.
I am not to sure if the following phone numbers are correct because i was rushing to pick this information from the docket in my boss’s office.
1. Twice (the one who paid out the money)- 0977670344/ 0963818348
2. Michael Zulu- 0977776493
3. BJ Ngosa-0977886236
4. Investigating officer at Central police( for this case. He is my boss. please dont betray me)- 0977898854.
Even us as police officers, tuli bantu mwandi. My conscious is now clear. please broadcast that you will gather, tactfully.
There is phone recorded evidence that BJ Ngosa posted the defamatory story against Brian Chilala and Edify Hamukale on the Zambian Watchdog. Ngosa purported that “ WELL PLACED POLICE SOURCES SAID”, this is not true. Ba Ngosa muli ba ka kumba ba bufi shame on you ine ndapepa Lesa uwabulungami. Do you think GRZ and police can do hide and seek in small matter like this? Iyi ni Bboma. ZP could have aired the story through ZNBC, post, times etc. The ZWD should screen some of its sources of information and learn to apologise.
Mind you Michael Zulu is an ex-convict over drugs (ibange) and wife battering. Chaps like MC Wabwino and Hamukale have traceable career records and I think they are more useful citizens that zulu. The ministry of Finance came to enquire came to ask the police about MC Wabwino’s involvement in this matter for disciplinary action and my boss told them MC is clean and did not steal and so he wont be fired the way Zulu wanted. The Company where Edify Hamukale is General Manager came to enquire about the same, and my bwana told them Hamukale is clean and here is the docket if you want to see and so Hamukale wont be fired  the way Zulu wanted. Imwe kwaliba abantu aba bipa imitima pano pe sonde mumfwa fye and one of them is Michael Zulu. BJ Ngosa should stop preaching in church if he can hunt and hate innocent people like this.
Although I am retiring in a year’s time from ZP, I have seen really some innocent people even in political circles having their names dented unfairly by opponents and this is almost what I am seeing here with Zulu and Ngosa accusing innocent friends, Edify and MC. I once handled a case involving Anderson Mazoka and Chiluba with this type of accusations, people were saying all sorts of things because they were sponsored. I think it was to do with Mazoka stealing cattle and replacing pregnant ones with those not pregnant and were transported by rail, pure nonsense, there was no truth. Innocent people must not victimized nangu lupato lwamusango ifi. Is Michael Zulu an angel to be believed in everything?
EDITOR’s comment: The article we published was given to us by police source and NOT Ngosa as this mad person is ranting above. 

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