Office Orderly handling labour disputes in Mazabuka

An office orderly at the Mazabuka Labour Office is allegedly manning and handling labour disputes raising serious concerns in the district.

Mazabuka District Commissioner, Tyson Hamaamba disclosed this to Principle Labour Officer, Joseph Musonda from the Ministry of Labour in Lusaka noting that there is urgent need for the ministry to address the issue of manpower to mitigate the problem.

Mr Hamaamba noted that the office orderly is not competent enough to handle labour disputes that he is currently handling hence the need for quick intervention.

He complained that his office has equally been turned into a labour office as most sensitive cases where being referred to his office.

Mr Hamaamba said there is need for a competent officer to be permanently stationed at the office to handle the many labour disputes in the district mainly coming from commercial farms.

He said cases of abuse of workers rights particularly those from farms need urgent solutions by the labour office and not his office which he said cannot handle labour matters daily.


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