Official government statistics on Covid-19 could be misleading

Official government statistics on Covid-19 could be misleading

We need to take covid serious

Dear Editor, Please let us educate our citizens , they are taking things casual

ZAMBIANS: Reflect of these;

1. I observed with dismay how much people jubilated this past week when Chitalu Chilufya was announcing that Zambia hasn’t recorded any positive case of corona. Now Boom; we had a mysterious case of the Kafue man and everyone is in shock. I heard about that issue 2 days before it was announced on TV. I wont say much but think about this; WHERE DID THE MAN GET IT FROM?? COULD IT BE THAT THERE IS ANOTHER SPOT BREEDING COVID THAT THEY HAVENT TRACED? THIS SHOULD CONCERN ALL.. You journalists who go to those updates, just ask the minister this question.
2. On Sunday you were told of 3 new cases, and you were told that 2 of these had contact with the Pakistan group. Now think of it, the Pakistan people have been quarantined for about 3 weeks now and these 2 contacts were only found on Sunday? So for 3 weeks they have been roaming around and chances are that they have infected many .. and here we are not thinking of this ……

3. It is further shocking to see that ZANACO Kafue, closed because they know that the caregiver frequented the bank . But the Minister quickly quashed it off and keeps on reassuring the people of kafue not to panic but this will make people get careless and spread even more. The truth is that kafue may be breeding corona as we speak. Let us be serious about these things. By now, more than 2000 people in kafue cbd should have been randomly tested. Not 22 and then you say there is 0 cases. Let us be serious .

4. I am a bit skeptical about how much our patients are being declared negative and discharged immediately. Do you know that it has been established that China sent faulty testing kits and masks to the world. Which kits are we using? Where are we getting the confidence to immediately discharge people? Currently we are the only country in Africa with almost 70% of the patients recovering. let us not be too excited about this …

5. We were told Emmasdale, Ibex , Chainda etc are high risk zones . Instead of sourcing for testing kits so that we move in the areas and do widespread testing, what’s been happening is that the Ministry is instead waiting for people who feel flu and fever to call them and that’s why we have been targeting the wrong people and reporting no cases and I see people celebrating. Cameroon introduced random testing and they have been getting high numbers of positive people and immediately isolating them.

6. In Zambia we are not serious. I am not wishing for more high numbers but I think we have been to casual and quick to celebrate without thinking deep about these things . The approach needs to change now oh else we shall regret if this spreads

7. I think if we look at the statistics, the numbers in the region are rising and so far we are behind only South Africa and Congo. This is just meant to make you think further, fellow citizens.

Concerned citizen

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