Official portrait of President Sata is echo from UNIP era

Dear Editor,

The government run Zambia Daily Mail newspaper of Thursday, January 2013 carried an advert from Cabinet Office concerning the official portrait of President Michael Sata

The general public is notified that, the official presidential portrait and cabinet chart have just been printed and are obtainable from ZANIS

The general public is further advised that it is a mandatory requirement to display the official portrait of President Michael Sata in all Public Places, Public Offices, Public Buildings, Government Buildings, Institutions of Learning, Health Centres and Hospitals

Is this a statutory requirement canonised in our Zambian constitution? And what purpose does it serve to the public

I personally consider this a waste of tax payers’ money and an echo form the now old-fashioned   “strong man, father of the nation” political dispensation reminiscent of African political leadership at independence whose over bloated ego only led to their eventual downfall

Daniel Njolomba

Nkana East, Kitwe

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