Official Slavery: PF to start exporting maids, cleaners to Saudi Arabia

Ibrahim Mumba

Ibrahim Mumba

Zambia wants Saudi Arabia to hire its workers as maids, drivers and cleaners, according to Zambia’s ambassador Ibrahim Mumba.

There is well documented evidence that low skilled Africans and Asians working in such countries are subjected to all sorts of misery such as sexual abuse, working 24 hours in exchange for peanuts etc.. Read one such report of abuse here

“The Zambian government has formed a ministerial committee to look into the possibility of exporting Zambian workers to the Kingdom,” said Zambian Ambassador Ibrahim Mumba to Arab News.
He said a labor agreement between the two countries would help cut unemployment in Zambia. “Out of the 14.5 million population, only 500,000 are regularly employed,” said Mumba.
“The Zambian workers hired will work as drivers, cleaners or housemaids in the Kingdom,” Mumba said. The Saudi Labor Ministry would have to meet with its Zambian counterpart to discuss the feasibility of an agreement, he said.
He said the two nations’ Permanent Joint Committee met in Riyadh from March 1 to 3 to implement an agreement signed in 2010. The meeting helped facilitate several ongoing projects including the supply of oil to Zambia.

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