Oil saga report by Kabimba and his brothers-in-law is questionable

Oil saga report by Kabimba and his brothers-in-law is questionable

The story that the Commission of Inquiry constituted to investigate the operations of the Energy Regulation Board and the procurement of crude oil revealed that from 2007 to 2011 the country lost about K2 trillion through acts of malpractices in the procurement system is of great interest to all concerned Zambians

It sounds too good to be true for an ordinary citizen like me.

Firstly I have a few observations to make on the team that has given us this report which I’m very sure that sooner rather later to will turn out to be a failed exercise.

1. Please take note that the commission was not objective. This should have been primary requirement .Why do I say so?

a) The Chairman Wynter Kabimba is a PF Cadre.

b) Two members of the Commission, namely: Mr Hangomba Hangomba and Mr Mushota are both brothers in marriage to Mr Kabimba. One Commissioner Mr Guy Phiri, is the Managing Director for Engen Zambia therefore he is an interested party.

2. Does ERB procure Oil for Zambia?

3. Does the ACC, Indeni, Tazama, ZPPA, ERB and any one from central Government sit on the evaluation committee?

How was K2.1 Trillion embezzled? By who? At what point in the transaction chain?

Is it not that this loss has come about due to Government failure to adjust Oil prices up wards from 2007 in order to recover cost of Cargoes?

Is this not a Government loss threw its agent Tazama?

After looking through this interesting Oil Saga story, I’m left with one conclusion:  this amount of money (Two Trillion) represents the deficit or subsidy to be borne by the Government. In short, the Government made a huge business loss Since 2007.However,I don’t want to down play the very fact that other corrupt moves could  have taken place at various levels. Those that will be found wanting, they should face the Law.

I have my own reservations.

The Evaluation committee for the current Tender for Oil is supposed to start sitting today. Is it a coincidence that the report alleging malpractices by the other Bidders is released 48Hrs before the Tender Documents are opened?

Won’t the Kabimba report influence the outcome of the Oil Tenders?

The Oil Saga continues.

Concerned Citizen.

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