Oil suppliers not paid 4 months as govt single sources more Somali, Nigerian firms

The government has not paid crude oil suppliers up to four months now, a situation industry sources say will soon lead to fuel crisis in the country.

Meanwhile and while failing to pay existing suppliers for already consumed oil, the PF government has, through single sourcing, signed three more companies to supply finished oil products.

And the PF government will by next week sign a statutory instrument (in this case law made by a minister) to waive excise duty for finished oil products. This is part of the corrupt deal the PF government has signed with hitherto unknown companies and with no track record of supplying oil such as Sahara, owned by some Nigerians and Hashi owned by Somalis of Kenyan origin. (We will soon publish the names of the owners of these new tutembas)

The Watchdog is reliably informed that Ministers of Finance Alexander Chikwanda, Energy minister Dora Siliya and Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba have agreed to appease the new oil suppliers by removing this critical tax The Statutory Instrument will be retrospective, meaning that even some suppliers who have already supplied oil will be refunded by the Zambia Revenue Authority the tax they could have already paid.

By sources at the ministry of Energy are complaining that they are been forced to sign new contracts with new companies while they are failing to pay existing suppliers.

Ministry officials fear that this chaos will soon lead to oil crisis.

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