Old couple sacrificed ahead of Lukulu by-election

An elderly couple of chief Litondo’s area of Mitete district in Lukulu west constituency have been gruesomely killed by unknown people.

The deceased are Malichi Kambungo 70, and his wife Eunice Ngambo Nyakaumba 60, both of Mushili village.

The killings happened around 20:00 hours on Easter Monday  when the couple were having a chat at a fire place near their house.

And Lukuli district commissioner David Muzinda confirmed that the two elderly citizens were killed but dedcided to blame Karavinas.

He urged police officers in the newly created Lukulu district to ensure that the criminals locally known as Karavina gunmen usually found in the west bank were brought to book .

Muzinda said at the moment the unknown karavina gunmen were still on the run and that a manhunt should be launched in order to arrest them specially that there are parliamentary by-elections which are about to take place in the constituency.

He complained that the incident may scare away voters from exercising their right to vote freely in the forth-coming parliamentary by –elections slated for next month on April 23.

The district commissioner said the bodies of the victims have since been buried as they were decomposing due to the severe gun shoot wounds.

From the time the PF came into power, there has been  suspiscious deaths arpound the country especially in areas where by-elections are taking place.

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