Old crooks are ganging up, says HH

Old crooks are ganging up, says HH

HH waving at the crowd when he arrived at Boma grounds inMwinilunga

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has told the people of Mwinilunga to vote out the MMD in whatever form it presents itself.

Hichilema who addressed the fully packed Boma ground in Mwinilunga said it is important that failed leaders do not continue in power or come back in another form.

Hichilema told the people some of whom could not find space in the boma ground and resorted to standing on top of canter trucks, that only his party can develop Zambia.

He promised the people of Mwinilunga that once he takes over, he will upgrade the basic schools in the district to high schools so that the children could access secondary education locally.

He promised to mend the dilapidated roads including those leading to other towns and chiefdoms.

Meanwhile, most offices and shops were closed Monday afternoon as workers went to the rally.

Just before the rally, Hichilema told the Watchdog by phone interview that Zambians should not make another mistake of voting for recycled and tired politicians who have outlived their usefulness.

Hichilema said people of Zambia should align themselves with leaders of credible standing and background than finding solace in people who have ganged up to loot the little resources left.

He said replacing an old, tired man with a very old and extremely tired one is negative and retrogressive change.

“Just look crooks are ganging up again, they have come together because they know that Zambians are easily fooled, the only thing they are interested is to loot the little wealth Zambia is left with, in the PF who can easily say those joining are happy with the leadership?  We know that they just want positions because if they were truthful in their action they would have left their parties a long time ago and not prior to the election, that is being an opportunist, that is being a crook,” said Hichilema.

He said those wishing to see the real change Zambia need should join the UPND and not to fall for lies being peddled by some politicians through propaganda in both private and government media institutions.

“President Rupiah Banda is tired and old, same is Sata what kind of change is to return an old man when you have removed another old fellow, so why should we allow such people to cheat us again about the change they have failed to bring to this country for over 40 years they have worked for government? These old madalas should just rest and leave young people to work for the betterment of this nation.”

He said both President Banda and Sata have been in government since independence and wondered why they should cling on to power up to this time as if Zambia had no alternative leaders.

Hichilema observed that there is too much poverty in the country which both President Banda and PF’s Sata failed  to address when they were still in government.

“We are not in politics for revenge like others, we are not in politics to amass wealth like what others have done, we did not join politics for jobs, it was about our personal conviction that we can contribute greatly in the reduction of poverty and unemployment in this country we love so much,” said Hichilema.

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