Old MPs fight Hichilema over re-adoption

Cracks have emerged in the United Party for National Development (UPND) over the process of adopting parliamentary candidates in the forthcoming elections.

Sources close to the UPND leadership in the Southern province have revealed that a group of incumbent Members of Parliament have formed what they are calling the original late Anderson Mazoka dream carrier.

The source said the decision to form the ‘original Andy Mazoka dream carrier team’ was as a result of the resolution made by the adoption committees the party has put in place to sideline certain named MP’s from the structures of the UPND.

Sources revealed that some of the notable names on the list of the original Andy Mazoka dream carrier are David Matongo for Pemba, Request Muntanga of Kalomo central, Raphael Muyandaof Sinazongwe, Brian Ntundu of Gwembe, and Godfrey Beene for Itezhi Tezhi and George Chazangwe for Choma central.

Others are Mbabala’s Emmanuel Hachipuka and Magoye central’s Bennie Mweemba who they say were not in good standing with the party. The nine law markers were enlisted by the provincial leadership among the incumbent MPs who would not be adopted in this year’s election.

The source said the named MPs’ know that and have vowed to fight the inner-circle system by using whatever means at their disposal to contest. “They have even threatened to campaign against the president Hakainde Hichilema if he allowed such a move but people like John Chidyaka, Mayaba Hanseluka and team have indicated that they are ready for them and will meet in the battle field.

“But the main worry is that these MPs will have money soon and might end up buying people to create discontent in the party,” the source said.

The source said it was hell of cracks emerging in the party, adding that there were a huge number of applicants intending to contest for the 17 seats in the province.

“These young people such as Eddy Siakachoma earmarking Kalomo central, Mutinta Mazoka for Pemba, Cornelius Mweetwa for Choma central and Ephraim Belemu in Mbabala have money and it’s like they have already convinced the UPND top leader that they will deliver,” the source said.

The source revealed that the attention being accorded to some of the people intending to contest had raised a lot of concern and confusion which if not carefully handled would split the party in the province giving chance to the MMD.

Southern province UPND deputy chairperson John Chidyaka could neither confirm nor deny the cracks as a result of the adoption process.

“You see there are many stories coming out now and those who are not loyal to the party must have themselves to blame and over the cracks I would love not to be quoted,” said Chidyaka.

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