Unprecedented Developments: old people’s homes hit by food, water and medicine shortages

HOME-BASED Care homes in Kabwata Constituency in Lusaka have been hit by lack of medical supply, food and proper sanitation.
A spot-check in Kamulanga ward of Jack Township revealed that the aged have minimal food and they complained of having to travel long distances to a health post to access drugs.
The 11 houses visited had no running water with the aged and patients complaining of lack of proper care.
“We are living in fear that other diseases may affect our patients,” Patrick Mwale, a concerned citizen of Jack Township, said. “The sick are supposed to be accommodated in decent, clean environments and should have access to clean and safe water.”
He said the nearest health centre is in the neighbouring township of Chawama but many homecare givers do not have transport and so some patients do not get the required medical care.
Mr Mwale appealed to Government to build a health post in Jack Township.
“I am unable to walk. I have been bedridden for some time. It is not easy, especially that my niece who looks after me goes for work. I am unable to keep my surrounding clean,” said a patient, Henry Mwanza.
He appealed to Government, the private sector and the Church to help build a home for the aged and people on palliative care so they could be cared for in a safe and clean home.
The plight of the aged came to the fore when Kabwata Constituency aspirant Clement Tembo visited the 11 homes.
Mr Tembo, who donated assorted food items to the aged and sick, also organised women from Kabwata Constituency to help with the washing and cleaning of the homes.
“It is imperative that as Zambia celebrates its golden jubilee later this month, all Zambians know the meaning of independence and enjoy equitable distribution of resources,” he said.
Mr Tembo urged all Zambians to share the FEW resources with those who do not have as Zambia celebrates its golden jubilee.
Mr Tembo has also helped establish a para-legal desk where Jack Township residents will report-cases of defilement, gender based violence and marital cases.

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