On 113th day of PF, Mansa runs out of fuel

A Fuel shortage has hit Mansa district with only one filling station, AMICO Spectra stocking the commodity.

The current PF regime won power on the promise that it will develop Zambia within 90 days.

A conducted survey by ZANIS this morning found multitudes of motorists queuing for the commodity as early as 05:00 hours at Amico Spectra Filling Station.

Traffic came to a standstill along the Mansa- Kawambwa road forcing motorists to use alternative routes as the queue for fuel increased at the filling station.

The line of motorist from Mansa Main Police Station to the filling station and from the junction of Chiti Mukulu to AMICO filling station created traffic congestion this morning.

Motorist talked to by ZANIS said the fuel shortage started yesterday around 12.00 hours and that has led to loss of business especially that business was at its peak during the morning hours.

And AMICO INVESTMENTS operations Manager Golden Kamasumba has assured the general public that the filling station has enough stock to serve customers.

Mr. Kamasumba said that AMICO has about 24,000 litres of petrol and 12,000 litres of diesel in stock to cater for motorists in Mansa.

He added that currently AMICO is the only filling station with fuel out of the four filling stations operating in Mansa and that the general public should not panic as another tanker is ferrying more fuel from INDENI.

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