On USA national day, envoy asks Zambian government to respect people’s freedoms

On USA national day, envoy asks Zambian government to respect people’s freedoms


IMG_1858[1] (1)United States Charge de Affaires David Young has implored the PF government to respect people’s freedoms. Mr. Young was speaking Thursday evening in Lusaka during the commemoration of his country’s  independence anniversary . He bemoaned the intolerable levels of violence in Zambia where citizens who disagree with government views are attacked by state sponsored cadres.

Young says it is regrettable that the Police harass political parties, civil society groups and journalists who are merely exercising their constitutional rights to freedom of expression and assembly.

He said that freedom of speech, assembly and the press are foundational rights adding that democracy can only flourish when the said rights are guaranteed for all citizens no matter which party or group they support.

He stated that a vibrant and independent NGO community is crucial to democracy and development.


While Young raised these important issues, government representative Chitalu Chilufya could not say anything sensible and the Watchdog couldn’t pick any proper statement from Chikufya to publish it here.

Young speaking

Young speaking

And in the usual chaotic way of doing things or even contempt for the USA government, the PF government sent a deputy minister Chilufya to represent government while vice-president Guy Scott was in attendance.

Probably due to frustration of being overlooked, Guy Scott got so drunk on Whiskey and stayed away from public appearance while first President Kenneth Kaunda was busy being entertained by one of his long time lovers Chibesa Kankasa.

Mr. Young was speaking on the USA’s 238th independence anniversary which falls on 4th July but had to be commemorated earlier to accommodate the busy schedule involved in the run up to that day.

Mr. Young urged the Zambian government to tolerate all people’s views, including divergent ones, saying that was the bedrock of democracy. He bemoaned the continued harassment of innocent citizens and Zambian journalists, and called for an end to that because democracy entails accepting divergent views.

Prominent figures who attended the American national day included UPND Mazabuka MP Garry Nkombo, one of Michael Sata’s wives and Lands permanent secretary (PS) Inutu Suba, PF Matero MP Miles Sampa and his treacherous Kabwata counterpart Given Lubinda, former rebel leader Adamson Mushala’s son Bert who is information PS and some government officials as well as other diplomats accredited to Zambia.

Shortly after the official end of the function, KK, Scott and other government officials quickly disappeared, apparently due to shame that came out of the strong speech by Mr. Young where their hypocrisy and under performance was exposed.

The Watchdog is investigating how and why a deputy minister was the official government guest, when Guy Scott was in attendance.


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