On Eve of PF’s two years in power, three-quarters of Lusaka in blackout

On Eve of PF’s two years in power, three-quarters of Lusaka in blackout

Disappointed masses now can't even have electricity

Disappointed masses now can’t even have electricity

Almost three quarters of Lusaka City has had no electricity the whole day on Thursday September 19, 2013, the eve of the ruling party (PF)’s two years in office.

Even very sensitive installations vital to national security were affected by the blackout.

Zambians voted for the current regime on Tuesday 20th September 2011 under massive lies from the now ruling party that the country would be developed within 90 day.

Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (Zesco ), the power utility parastatal gave no explanation on the cause black out but as usual just assumed the masses will wait for power to be restored and continue enduring their miserable lives in the dirtiest capital city in Southern Africa..

Independence Avenue where State House lies was blacked out apart from state house itself.

Police officers at Woodlands police station the city’s second largest police station were using candles.

Zesco Managing Director Cyprian Chitundu was in 2011 retired in national interest by then President Rupiah Banda for endangering national security when he presided over the country’s worst black out that time.

The once useful intelligence then advised Rupiah Banda to fire Chitundu but President Sata probably Zambia’s worst tribalist reappointed Chitundu.

Sata and Chitundu congregate at saint Ignatius catholic church.

Zesco is currently the biggest financial contributor to the patriotic front intelligence unit.

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