On Holiday or in Hospital, we wish our president safe return

As Zambian Watchdog, we have strived under difficult circumstances to provide Zambians with balanced, accurate, timely and truthful information.

Before and after elections in 2011, we wrote what we knew about Michael Sata’s health. This was not out of malice or hatred. We just wanted the country to know the health status of the man who would be holding the most important job in the land. We were insulted, threatened and hunted like wild animals by the Zambian police. But that is history now.

Coming to the current situation, we were the first ones to uncover the veil of secrecy on the unceremonious “private trip” of President Sata to India.

But up to now, we get conflicting information as to whether he is on holiday or is being treated as we depend on various sources for our information, including government such as Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda who has told the nation that the president is on a 10 days holiday.

Ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott went to parliament and said we are writing nonsense. We will wait and see who is nonsensical between us and Guy Scott.

We would however like to put on record that if it true as reported by other sources of information such as the biggest newspaper in India the Times of India, that President Sata is undergoing treatment, the nation should rally behind him in prayers and moral support for him to pull through this difficult time.

Whether one likes it or not, Sata is the President of Zambia who was elected to preside over the affairs of the country and our interest is for him to start delivering the many promises he made. For him to do that, he should be in good health. If he is in poor health, it means that the nation as a whole suffers, considering the fact that the country is currently undergoing through a trying moment.

National issues such as the constitutional making process, the presidential unilateral re-alignment of districts and provinces, the hot Barotseland Agreement, the nose-diving kwacha- a sign that the economy is in trouble and more money in your pocket will remain but just an empty annoying slogan.

These and many more burning issues are certainly enough to cause any responsible government sleepless nights and one would not expect a President to afford a luxurious holiday.

It is therefore imperative that the government comes out clear on the status of the President’s trip to India because they are not dealing with Sata as a PF president, but Republican President in whom the citizens of this country have entrusted their lives.

We challenge acting president Alexander Chikwanda who seems to be better than the average call-boys in the PF regime to show leadership and tell the country what is going on.

Acting president Chikwanda should show that he is better  than riffraff like Given Lubinda, Guy Scott etc…

The whole country is now looking up to him. As a responsible online publication, regardless of our endless unjust persecution at the instigation of self-serving elements cheating President Sata, we will not sink low like the heartless Editor of a known Newspaper who was celebrating the illness and death of Anderson Mazoka.

Memories are vivid in the minds of many Zambians where statements were made not to vote for “someone with falling trousers”. The newspaper even drew a dialysis machine showing how Mazoka was dependent on the machine.

Other politicians then in opposition also joined the celebration.

As Christians, we do not need to quote imaginary bible books and verses to show how sympathetic we are in a situation where a fellow human being is unwell. From deep down our hearts, first as human beings and second as citizens of this country, we wish President Sata, if he is unwell as reported, quick and complete recovery.

We also advise the morons on this website who are posting tasteless comments to realise that Sata is a human being and has a family who are going through trying times if at all he is sick.

No matter our political differences, we should never wish to defeat our rivals through death.

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