On Independence eve, Nakonde runs out fuel

Critical shortage of fuel has hit Nakonde district in Muchinga Province forcing motorists to cross the border into Tanzania to buy the commodity.

A snap survey carried out by the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) at three filling stations in town revealed that there was no fuel being sold.

Julius Chisasa, a businessman said the district has had no fuel for the second day today.

Mr Chisasa said they are now depending on illegal vending who are selling the commodity at exorbitant prices.

Thomas Chombela, a taxi driver said they are buying the fuel from vendors across the border in Tanzania because filling stations at Tunduma have also run out of fuel.

Mr Chombela said the fuel being sold by the vendors at Tunduma is coming from Vwawa, about 30 km from the border town of Tanzania.

Chaula Filling station has had no fuel for the past one week now while, SGC ran out of the commodity yesterday.

ZACKS filling station had a bit of diesel while Petrol was out of stock.

ZACKS Filling Station Manager, Simon Zyambo said they were expecting 20,000 litres of both diesel and petrol to arrive this morning while the other two filling stations did not know when exactly they would receive the stocks.

Nakonde District Commissioner James Singoyi has however, appealed to the motorists not to panic as more fuel is being expected in the district.

Mr Singoyi said the fuel shortage is not serious as ZACKS filling station still has some stocks and is expecting to receive some more today.


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