On independence, Nevers Mumba say we can still solve our problems

On behalf of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD), I wish every Zambian a happy 51st Independence Anniversary celebration. Zambia is still in the Jubilee season which lasts for 3 years as the Bible says. We should take advantage of the Jubilee season to work together for a better Zambia.

Zambia is still facing many challenges on the economic and political front. We are facing the worst economic crisis since the end of the one party era and there is a large political divide in the nation. But if we put our heads together, we can solve these challenges and make a better country for ourselves and our children.

We also take the time to remember our heroes who fought for independence during the colonial era. We can never express our gratitude enough for their gallant efforts. Having achieved political independence, We must now press for economic independence by working hard to grow our economy at a minimum rate of 10% in order to alleviate poverty and create lasting prosperity.

The road ahead is long and hard but if we put our faith in God and keep working hard, we shall achieve anything we put our minds to. May the Lord bless us all.

Zambia shall be saved.

Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba

MMD President

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