One killed in Chambishi mine ‘accident’

One killed in Chambishi mine ‘accident’

Kindly Hide my identity for fear of being harassed by management.

Today there was a fatal mine accident at chambishi involving a boomer operator for NFCA PLC major mining contractor called JCHX mining and construction at 800m level foot ore drive East around 1040hrs. This poor Zambian was strangled by the machine since there wasn’t any one close by to save his life.Normally there are supposed to be 3-4 people on each machine, operator, Person in charge (pic) and two helpers but sad what the company has done now, it has reduced labour abnormally by over 50%.

Each machine is left with two people meanwhile maintening the same rate of production. How fair is this people please? what happened was like when the Pic went to collect some explosives from the magazine, the guy remained alone as they always do . unfortunately, as he wanted to load the drill bit, a rotating member (part) of a 550V machine, grabbed hold of the victim’s attire and strangled him to death.

The young man could not have died if there were 4 people working on the machine. Two could have gone to collect explosives then two were to remain on the machine probably the one to remain with him was going to switch off the machine right on time to save his colleague. Due to shortage of labour , many of us resort to applying short cuts to make things a success or to make the job done according to the expectation of management. Now, what’s my concern? It about the hard core criminal injustice the Zambian managers for this company want to level against the dead young man and his counterpart that they were negligent. In other words we are saying management is plotting to charge the two for being negligent so that they walk away freely from their perspective.Management has already cooked stories to feed govt investigation team.Is it Fair? Can someone please come and save us from the Chinese slavery!!

!Zambian Managers can’t even feel sorry for their fellow Zambian to speak against the dead in broader view of the Chinese? How do the Chinese honestly look at us when we fail to speak for our fellow Zambians. Is it not a shame to the Zambian community? Can someone please come to our aid asap.


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