One MMD candidate is funded to deliver party to PF – Chifire

One MMD candidate is funded to deliver party to PF – Chifire


Felix Mutati is also in the race

By Gregory Chifire

The Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) should consider re-opening the applications for the position of party president because some of the candidates that have applied to take over the presidency have been sponsored to destabilize the former ruling party.

A plan has been hatched by some subversive elements within the MMD with the help of external funders to support a named party Presidential candidate to win at the planned party convention so that he could mount up a campaign against former President Rupiah Banda, his immediate family and other members of the party thereby weakening the opposition.

The purpose of this plan is to deliver the opposition to the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) so that the named candidate is rewarded with a senior ministerial position and subsequently succeed President Sata in 2016.

The ambitious MMD member has outsmarted many of his followers into believing that he can re-organize the ruling party so that it can favorably compete against the ruling PF and other political parties.

This plan if left to succeed may defeat the spirit of democracy that has for some time now helped create checks and balances to the ruling class.

Instead of destroying their own party, MMD members should find a formula that will unite the party and strengthen their membership and continue to be relevant to the current political events so as to create a strong voice that will truly act as a voice for the voiceless.

Members of the former ruling party should take a leaf from the discipline exhibited by the PF Party members who stayed in the opposition for 10 years without wavering or fading their dream which at times looked bleak. If they behaved in the manner some of the MMD senior members are behaving, they could not have come out victorious on 20 September elections.


Gregory Chifire

Executive Director


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