One of the cops arrested over fake money is Kanganja’s right handyman

Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja has been caught pants down.

Maybin Kasezya, one of the three police officers that have been arrested after being caught with K2million counterfeit money by the Drug Enforcement Commission is Kakoma Kanganja’s right handman.

He is a Police Intelligence Officer operating from room 216 at the PF wing other people call Zambia Police Headquarters.

This Maybin is a close associate of Musambachime, the Police Officer who was part of the team that arrested Hakainde Hichilema on trumped up charges of Treason.

He drives a Police Intelligence vehicle, a Toyota Mark II Registration number ABR 5717.

Kasezya is also in the PF Security wing. He is one of the lumpens who went to arrest innocent citizens in Livingstone over the City Market Fire.

He has a friend called Joe at one of the Commercial banks that we will not disclose now because we are have launched what we call Guerilla Investigations.

This Kasezya is one of the Police officers who pepper sprayed people who were detained after being picked up at Hichilema’s house. He has a friend at the Office President called Liwanga. We await to hear from the PIG. We are more than hundred percent sure the PIG new about this fake money issue.

Kasezya is also the cop who in 2013 arrested some journalists over Zambia Watchdog.

Yaba. Lesa Nimalyotola. ” God is a just God”


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    A K 1 week

    de three idiots ve bin secretly released frm police custard according 2 police source.this scheme involves kanganja & kaizer hence there release.home affairs minister has threatened 2 dismiss any police officer who talks about de issue.

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    senior bino 1 week

    Everything is corruption!!! You pipo!! Working on any infrastructure is corruption, ata see! Mwatuchima mweee.

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    Muta Mutai 1 week

    “And you shall know them by their fruits” “Birds of same furthers flock together” Peace, Love and Goodwill to all Z

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    chilu 1 week

    Very true information, now it’s up to DEC and toothless
    ACC to do there job. We are watching!!!

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    THIS CASE WILL GO NOWHERE, MARK MY WORDS. Criminality in the police service will continue on the high trend because of employing PF cadres as policemen. Since there are no elections which kept them busy by beating and maiming opposition members, the only thing they can do is to continue doing wrong things like drinking on duty and beating up girlfriends, stealing, making counterfeit money etc. The pf will always find a way of getting them out of the cells. A PF cadre does not get arrested. Where are their youths who impounded the mukula logs? Kampyongo promised to deal with them. Has this happened? No.

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    D. Mbala 1 week

    Nothing will happen because the matter has touched the untouchables.

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      Eye 1 week

      Rest assured my friend there are no untouchables in the Universe. All is just a matter of time, Sooner or later everyone rips what he has sown.

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    badeggsmultiply 1 week

    Nice one and hope the case will set precedence