One Person Killed By Hippo on Lake Kariba

One man has died while another has escaped unhurt when a lone hippo attacked a canoe which they were paddling around Kansumba fishing camp on Lake Kariba in Gwembe district of Southern Province.

Mordecai Hachitema, 27, of Popota village of chief Chipepo’s chiefdom, was killed by a hippo on Friday while he was in the company of Sheppard Hangoma, 27, of the same area.

Both Gwembe district Police officer in charge, John Chanda, and Kota-Kota Ward, councillor Friday Samutenta, confirmed the incident in separate interviews with the media in Gwembe.

Councillor Samutenta said the duo were on a fishing adventure when the hippo struck the canoe, killing Hachitema instantly while Hangoma managed to swim to safety.

The body of the deceased has not yet been found.
The ward councillor said two attempts have been made to retrieve the body from the lake but have yielded no results as twice the hippo has frustrated the search for the missing body.

Councillor Samutenta explained that more people have been dispatched on the lake to conduct the search but feared that the presence of the beast in the vicinity makes it difficult to retrieve the body.

Meanwhile, councillor Samutenta has appealed to ZAWA to quickly move into the area and attend to the notorious beast that has caused fear and panic among the fishing community in Gwembe’s Kansumba fishing camp before more lives are lost.

And Gwembe Police officer in charge, John Chanda said his office has dispatched officers to the area to assess the situation.


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