One person killed in on going Xenophobic attack

One person killed in on going Xenophobic attack

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One person confirmed burnt in the ongoing Xenophobic attacks across Lusaka compounds.

And the government has at last but too late issued a statement on the ongoing attacking of foreigners and looting their property.
Home Affairs minister Davies Mwila said on ZNBC that ‘some criminal elements in Lusaka with criminal intent took advantage of the pain and grief we have all felt over the suspected ritual killings that have rocked the city of Lusaka since March 16, 2016’.
Mwila said ‘these criminal elements sparked off attacks on shops owned by foreigners and Zambian nationals operating in the high density residential areas in the west and north of the city of lusaka.
‘The worst affected areas in the west being George, Lilanda, Chunga, Zingalumeand part of Matero, while Chaisa, Kabanana, Mandevu and Chipata compound were the worst affected in the north.’

He said contrary to the ‘false rumours being spread by criminal elements, the police have been working round the clock to bring the killings to an end and the perpetrators to far a number of suspects are helping the police with the investigations’.

He said the attacks on the shops in the high density residential areas were sparked off by yet another false allegation that the police had released a “suspected foreign ritual killer.” the foreign national in question, however, had been arrested on the night of 17th April for the offence of conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace.

Mwila said the suspect was accordingly released upon paying the admission of guilt fine. The police are therefore committed to containing the crime wave and shall no doubt bringt he suspected ritual killers to book.

He said the anti-social and criminal conduct seen in the high density areas north and west of the city of lusaka must come to an immediate end.

According to Mwila, the Zambia Police Service has deployed adequate manpower and has so far apprehended some suspects in connection with the looting.

He said the police have also recovered some oft he looted properties.

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