One thousand new ‘teachers’ are spies


Dear Editor,

The government published a list of 4,450 people it said are newly recruited teachers. There were 29,890 applicants. But out of the 4,450 list, about 1000 of them are not ordinary teachers but members of the PF Special Branch (PF Intelligence Officers) whose main job will be to get information secretly from teachers across the country and report it directly to State House.

It is further disheartening that about 25,000 genuine teachers who successfully completed their training have been left out in preference to 1000 PF carders. According to the undisputable information I have, each of our 10 provinces will receive 200 PF Members of the Special Branch disguised as Newly Deployed Teachers. These PF Teachers/PF Intelligence Officers will be double paid and highly equipped with advanced communication technological gadgets that will be used to get information secretly from teachers and transmit it directly to State House where there is already a newly created control centre of highly classified information on the political activities of the civil servants especially teachers and men and women in uniform.

The secrete gadgets will include secrete cameras and voice recorders which will be capable of recording any event for a long time without stopping. Some of the cameras will be planted in Class Rooms, Staff Rooms, Head Teachers’ Offices and other Senior Officers at School, the DEBS’ Office up to the Provincial Education Officer Level. This will be done mainly to get what ordinary teachers, school managers and other senior officers in the Ministry of Education will be discussing concerning the corrupt and incompetent PF Party and its Presidential Candidate Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Please take note that these PF Teachers/Intelligence Officers will be different from the ordinarily Office of the President Officers – OP Officers (State Intelligence Officers) we are acquainted with. This is because these PF Teachers will be used to report on the security of the PF as a party in particular and will have nothing to do with the security of the state for they have been employed directly by the PF’s secrete security and information branch headed by former State Intelligence Officers now PF carders and some members of the Zambia Reports.

The current or recent recruitment of OP Officers is as well dominated by the PF carders who will be working as OP Officers, yet they will be PF carders reporting their fellow workers. So once the innocent ordinary teachers and other civil servants are secretly filmed or recorded denouncing the corrupt and incompetent PF, the information will be transmitted to State House where Senior PF Intelligence Officer Carders will be stationed and consequently these teachers will be transferred in rural areas or suspended, and most disheartening, some will even be dismissed or imprisoned on cooked up charges of professional misconduct as they (PF) are currently doing to Mutembo Ncito, Silvia Masebo, Fred Mmembe, GBM Family and many other innocent citizens who are opposed to their corrupt activities. When President Edgar Lungu said he is learning a lot from Robbert Mugabe, this is what he meant. The tactics of Mugabe seem to have been brought in Zambia. This kind of dirty way of dealing with innocent citizens is mainly done in Zimbabwe and nowhere in Democratic African Countries. To this effect, I urge all Teachers and Civil Servants across Zambia to be annoyed with the PF Government and register as voters in unprecedented numbers and vote out the PF Government and Edgar Lungu in 2016.

Apart from spying on the innocent civil servants, the PF regime is planning to use the same carders who will be disguised as teachers to run the General Elections as Presiding Officers and Polling Assistants in order to rig the elections in PF favour if possible. I urge the UPND to be vigilant on this one. I would like to further warn that this dirty trick by the Desperate PF will not just be unique to the Ministry of General Education alone, but to all government ministries be it Health, Defense, Home Affairs and all others. The Ministry of Higher Education will not be spared. In fact if it is in police, such things have already started happening. This is because the past intakes of Police Recruits and other officers in the Ministry of Home Affairs have been infiltrated by the PF Intelligence Officers/Carders disguised as Police, Migration or Prisons Officers. Just look at the ZRA Officers troubling Fred Mmembe and the Post. All those are PF carders in ZRA Uniform. Things are really bad in Zambia. As I have already said, this dirty trick by President Lungu is uniform in all government departments. Evidence; about 200 police officers have been retired in what the PF government has called in national interest for allegedly allowing UPND president to campaign on the Copperbelt and other areas. The PF has put cadres in police uniforms to spy on the officers who could have a soft spot for the opposition. President Lungu is said not to be worried about Dr Nevers Mumba and Ms. Edith Nawakwi but he is dead scared of Mr Hakainde Hichilema his closest opponent who trailed him in the January elections and beat him by 1 percent. A senior police officer of Lusaka suffered a demotion recently due to open support for HH and despising the leadership of Mr Lungu when he was head speaking on their official radios. The said officer is among those who have been fired, retired or demoted for opposing Edgar Lungu and the PF.

The fear of the PF regime is that there might be growing open support for the opposition leader HH from the civil service and men and women in uniform. The delay in paying government workers is another nightmare for the PF. The PF has reported to have spent colossal sums of money in aimless presidential and ministers international trips, road contracts, importing of oil and electricity where they have greatly benefitted by 10 times over valuing and receiving kick backs in return. This has made the Government to be bankrupt and consequently fail to pay its workers on time. This trend will be worse in 2016 where government workers will be paid after 2 months or more as the trend is in TAZARA. But make no mistake about it, the sick diarrhea Incompetent Chishimba Kambwili will always be at hand to defend his corrupt government and attribute the late payment of Government Workers to global challenges, what a shame?

By Emmanuel Paul Bwembya in Lusaka.


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