One UPND cadre reportedly shot dead in Kaoma

One UPND cadre reportedly shot dead in Kaoma

Press Statement on Political Violence in Kaoma.

Lusaka _ 6th October 2019.
Patriotic Front (PF) cadres in Kaoma have shot a UPND member in the head and is battling for his life in Kaoma General Hospital.
The UPND member was shot twice in the head after armed PF cadres invaded the UPND camp in Kaoma Central today. The PF cadres found some women at the UPND camp in Kaoma Site and Service preparing some meals and attacked them. One of the youths tried to save the women from the attackers. It was at this point that one armed PF cadre shot him twice in the head. The bullets have not yet been removed by doctors at Kaoma General Hospital. Police have not arrested the PF cadre who shot the UPND member.
Meanwhile, as news went round that there was fighting going on at the UPND camp, some more PF cadres mobilised themselves and on their way to the scene of the fighting, they met the UPND Kaoma youth chairman Chola Simwaba who was riding a motor bike, unaware of the fighting that had broken out . The PF thugs started stoning him. He fell to the ground and beat him up. In self defence , he used his gun to shoot in the air to scare away his attackers. Police have now arrested the UPND member, Chola Simwaba.
As UPND, we would like to strongly appeal to the police to be fair and impartial in handling the situation in Kaoma and other places where bye-elections are taking place.
We would also like to warn the PF that starting political violence and blaming it on the UPND will not help them. They should stop it or regret it.

Issued by:
Charles Kakoma,
UPND Spokesperson.

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    If the leader is evil even the followers will be as he is

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    alangizi 6 days ago

    Shame we are apealing to parents and relatives to all the youths in this country to advise them, to be thinking outside the box, all these energies and anger for one another can be exhausted to developmental issues by way of creating their own wealthy.

    Chinese, Rwandes, Burundes to mention but a few are doing very fine in this country and their focus is to work hard and make money while you are fighting. We need to sit down with our youths and counsel them and make them understanding the importance of life we live once, and what legacy are you going to leave? fighting? hatred? insults? God created as in His own image, the need to contribute to national development. We only have one ZAMBIA and we are ONE….

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    Rachind Lee 7 days ago

    In Luanshya PF KILLED NDC member in cold blood. In Kaoma PF once again has Killed UPND member in cold blood in the by elections. In Sesheke PF… the list is endless. Do you think Zambians are FOOLS! Oh you think Zambians forget easily not so? Wait for 2021 … and you shall find out how forgetful and how happy Zambians are that you think you are above the law and can Kill and Maim just because your fellow countryman holds a different opinion from yours regarding politics!
    For every one man or woman you kill I hope hundreds will rise in their place to put you where you belong.

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    Sipinya sa ng'aka 2 weeks ago

    Somehow under ecl it’s like it’s ok to kill for political reasons

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    The current situation is so tense, to an extent that the foolish youth are being used like toilet paper by politicians to cause violence, but in the end, the PF shooter, or let alone, the UPD carder, you die, or will be left to hang or in gallows alone.
    Youth need to be careful, do not fight the war which is not yours.
    Yes, the little left over change you get will not take you anywhere, the loss of blood will be in your hand. …

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    Pf there voilence than Upnd and infact when you look at this stuation happend in kaoma is zambia a christian nation the answer is no

  • comment-avatar
    Munene 2 weeks ago

    Why is it that blood violence is only experienced when we have by-elections in upnd strongholds? Something fishy…! Upnd must allow pf to campaign freely in upnd strongholds.

  • comment-avatar
    Norman 2 weeks ago

    Where did we go wrong zambians

    • comment-avatar
      Draw Parallels 2 weeks ago

      It has a ZANU-PF footprint
      Watch “Tinashe Jonas Names Munyaradzi Kajese as the Power Behind Zim Abductions” on YouTube