Online Media has turned govt into puppets- Scott

Acting President Guy Scott says online media especially the Zambian Watchdog is ‘controlling’ government like puppets.

Reacting to a story that was carried by the Zambian Watchdog on Monday morning on the outcome of the cabinet meeting that was held at State House headlined ‘Lungu team ambushes Scott in cabinet meeting’, Scott said it was unfortunate that false stories with potential to turn government members into enemies were being picked from social media and recycled by media houses.
He said they (government) were now being twisted like puppets by some people controlling the strings.
‘You (media) can turn us into enemies without us knowing about it, we are like the puppets now, we are being twisted around on strings and others are doing the puppeteering ,’ Scott lamented.

Guy Scott is an avid reader of the Watchdog. He does not miss any article published here. He comments using three pseudonyms which we know.

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