Only dull people argue that we can’t run govt under a PF budget-HH

United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema has rubbished PF arguments that he will fail to run government if he wins the forthcoming presidential election because the 2015 national budget was a PF budget.
Hichilema said Thursday evening that only dull and ignorant people were trying to advance the budget argument and explained that the PF excesses in the 2015 budget will be sorted out through a supplementary budget.
He explained that the PF government inherited a budget that was prepared by the MMD and Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda told Zambians that they were operating on an MMD budget.
He said even the MMD inherited a budget that was prepared by the UNIP government when they won the 1991 elections.
The Patriotic Front have in recent days been telling Zambians that they should be allowed to continue in government because the budget they presented to parliament is already approved and a new government would find it difficult to operate under the ‘PF’ budget.

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