Only intelligent people will vote for UPND in 2016 – Mumbi Phiri

PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri has charged that only intellectuals will vote for the UPND in the 2016 general elections.

Mrs Phiri said the UPND has failed to convince the majority of Zambians because it is only for the intellectuals. In short Mumbi Phiri is saying the majority of Zambians are not intellectuals, that they are dunderheads and will therefore vote for PF. It seems Mumbi Phiri does not know what an intellectual is. She probably does not know that there are a lot of degree and diploma holders who are hassling in the markets because they have no formal jobs. To her, anyone who sells in the market is dull and therefore will vote for PF, since, according to her, people in markets can’t understand what is going on.

She said the PF is confident heading into the 2016 general elections because it is the only political party with a clear message for the ordinary Zambian.

She was speaking last evening when she featured on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview TV programme

The 2016 elections will be about everything, let the best candidate win. As PF we are very ready.”

‘They will continue appealing to the intellectuals, the elite and they will continue losing elections, for us, the PF is a party for the real people,’ she said.

‘2016 will be about people, it will be about everything. Identify a talent which God has given you to mix with the Kings, it doesn’t say through your academics, you will shake hands with Kings,’ she said.

She added, ‘The 2016 elections will be about everything, let the best candidate win. As PF we are very ready.”

‘In the UPND, you have a member of Parliament like Hon. Jack Mwiimbu who demeans Marketeers in his debate in Parliament. If anything, me as a Marketeer will take on Hon. Mwiimbu and the UPND in the 2016 election campaigns for that careless statement,’ she said.

‘We will go out and tell our fellow Marketeers that the UPND is not the party for you. It is a party for the intellectuals and not the common person and we will see how that will go.

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