Only people power can stop PF brutality and corruption

Only people power can stop PF brutality and corruption

By Friday Kashiwa

Currently what we are witnessing worldwide is that all the normal and functional Governments have completely suspended or shelved all politically inclined and related battles and have instead shifted the focus of the day to day governance priorities and programs towards combating the DEADLY Convid 19 pandemic.

The immediate and most important steps and preoccupations being implemented by these serious Governments and administrations are the enhancement of the information dissemination associated with community education and awareness.

This is being done through the approval of expanded budgetary allocations to the existing media platforms or if necessary urgent creation of other new awareness communication conduits or channels like arts, theater and music.

In Zambia unfortunately its a different and sad story, always dununa reverse as the government of the day, the PF administration is hugely concerned and preoccupied with the checking and silencing whoever they perceive to be a threat and stepping on their political toes.

PRIME TV, the most popular, locally owned and nationally followed station has been a victim and has been closed by the Government arm of Independent Broadcasting Authority, citing very foolish and flimsy grounds that even its Director General, Josephine Mapoma ironically is finding difficulties in justifying.

Since we are dealing with a very stubborn Government, we the zambians citizens, as the majority Shareholders of this enterprise called GRZ, should all come out and give moral and financial solidarity to Prime TV.
Solidarity is normally driven by Union Movements but we all know that our Union Movements in Zambia are dead and buried. Of course some Union leaders will argue and insist that they still exist but that IT’S BAD MANNERS TO TALK OR CONDEMN GOVT WITH NICE FOOD IN THE MOUTH.
Understandable, no wonder we haven’t seen any statement from any Union body.

So that leaves the burden and onus on us the well meaning zambian citizens to stand up and defend PRIME TV against the dictatorial decision of the PF Government.
As a matter of consolation and relief, we have a legal professional voice from the Law Association of Zambia who have come out strongly to rubbish, as unconstitutional, the closure of PRIME TV.

Should the matter go as far as the High Court, let’s organize ourselves as concerned citizens and help out with the Legal fees, with contributions to be channeled through the Legal firm to be retained by PRIME TV.

We are our own Brothers and Sisters Keepers. So let us rise to the challenge.
God bless Zambia.

Friday Kashiwa.

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