Soldiers move into compounds

Soldiers move into compounds

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Only two of the eleven people arrested over the ritual killings in Lusaka Zambia are foreigners while the rest are PF cadres.

Lungu deployed soldiers to sort out civilians after accusing the police of aiding citizens to riot. Some police officers talked to complained that they were made to fight battles with rioters while hungry as they were not supplied with food or water.
This is the first time in modern history that Zambian soldiers have been mobilised against citizens. Zambia has never reached such levels of lawlessness and poverty degeneration.

Home Affairs Minister Davis Mwila disclosed this in Parliament this Wednesday Afternoon.
Meanwhile, two people have been brutally murdered during the Lusaka Riots.
Mwila told Parliament when he delivered a Ministreal Statement that soldiers have been asked to assist the Police in maintaining low and order in high density areas of Lusaka.

In the photos, soldiers moving into Kanyama Wednesday evening.

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