Only two tribally inclined Catholic Bishops support Lungu

Only two tribally inclined Catholic Bishops support Lungu


Zambian Watchdog will in due course publish even documentation, minutes done during meetings between Edgar Lungu and these disguised bishops from Eastern Province.

But for now, below is what we have decided to let you know as we are determined to even get into bedrooms of these tribal bishops who cannot see that this country has been messed up and it is just a matter of time before it is plunged into total darkness.

The Catholic Church has 10 serving Bishops from 8 dioceses and 2 Archdioceses respectively.

Moreover, there is one Auxiliary Bishop Benjamin Phiri, who according to Canon has no right of succession let alone mandate to speak on behalf of a Diocese, and three retired Bishops (Bishop Chisha, Bishop Mpezele and Bishop Oreagan).

All these are members of the Bishops Conference, why only those from Eastern province have distanced themselves from the statement read by Archbishop Mpundu? Wako ni wako?

Why has the Secretary General Fr. Cleophas Lungu gone quiet after the election of Edgar when he was very vocal during the presidency of Sata?

Is it by coincidence that Pukuta Mwanza is now supporting dictatorship when he was on record of attaching the PF Government under President Sata?

Why has Bishop George Lungu gone quiet after Edgar Lungu took over power? The only time he complained against the Government was when they couldn’t pay him for the boreholes the Church sunk for the Government.

The question is, how did the Church lend money to Government for a project Bishop Lungu claimed was used to advantage the ruling party during the elections last year in Eastern province? So the Catholic diocese of Chipata funded the PF during the general elections? Wako ni Wako?

How was the relationship between Richard Sakala’s Daily Nation and the PF Government under Sata? Why did Richard Sakalaniongo shift camp? Wako ni wako?

Coming to back to the issue of the two bishops, when Fr. Peter Henriot was writing pastoral letters for ZEC did they complain that they were not consulted?

When Archbishops Mazombwe issued an abrupt statement to challenge Chiluba’s third term bid, were all bishops consulted or they all agreed because it was the right thing to do at that time?

Can a normal bishop say there is no crisis in the country when a leader of the largest opposition who got 1.7 million votes in the last election is incarcerated?

What does he think is going through the minds and hearts of the 1.7 million people who voted for him more so his supporters who didn’t vote due to circumstances beyond them?

Is it because Bishop Alick Banda has invited Edgar Lungu to officiate at a fundraising event next month that thought it was beneficial to him to disown the afflicted?

Are Bishops Banda and Phiri the new Judas who denied Jesus over pieces of silver or it is wako ni wako?

Zambians if this is not umodzi kumawa then what is it?

Edgar and his relatives have shown us their true colours but off course their hired guns such as Emmanuel Mwamba, Kampyongo, Mumbi Phiri, Sunday Chanda, Frank Bwalya and many more will continue to attack others thinking he will leave the seat for them.

Wake up, wako ni wako has manifested itself in the Catholic Church but the ending will be disastrous for Lungu and his minions.

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